Holding a grudge: living with resentment

A feeling of resentment is like walking with a ball and a chain shackled to your ankle. You can walk as far as the chain will let you until the heavy ball stops you and holds you back unable to move forward. Some people make their chain longer and as it gets longer so it gets heavier, making it difficult to carry on in life. Indeed the worst thing about holding a grudge without truly forgiving and not letting go is that no matter how far you go, you always be attached to the weight of the ball, the grudge, by the heavy chain, that is your emotions that holds you to that bitterness and you will always return back to those negative thoughts and feelings preventing you to move ahead in your life. However when you truly forgive another and decide to move on by letting go of the ill feelings and replace those feelings with kindness, optimism and good intentions, then you will really forgive and able to move forward because you finally let it go.  You have learned from that experience and now your improved attitude will allow you to really forgive that person, let go of the negative feelings so both can move on with your lives. You and only you can cut your own chain that will free you from hatred and allow you to move forward without having to re-live the past leaving it right where it belongs, in the past, never to be re-visited not with the same feelings you once had but you will notice that now you may look at the same  experience with a new set of eyes and so it will be remembered in a different way.