Fun is Cheap!

My daughter has a lot of toys; dolls, stuffed animals, most of them are reasonably priced and some rather pricey for being just a toy. Her new plaything however, is a big cardboard box she saved from being recycled. I have never seen her so excited or so interested in anything else than this ordinary large cardboard box. She has made it her princess castle, her spaceship, a puppet theater, her hiding fort decorating it with her doodling and writings all over it. I cut out holes to make the windows at her request. “Now I can watch TV” she said, from inside of the box. She brought half of her teddy friends to have a party at her house. That included her favorite to play with, her little brother Ian Karlo. She loves to tell him stories she drew on the wall. What an imagination! She is having so much fun with a thing so commonly found everywhere, which doesn’t mean a thing for us at first glance, but for a child it means a whole lot of fun. I didn’t cost me any money and we both gain a lot from it.  I got to appreciate the innocence and worry free spirit of children. It is amazing how kids can have so much fun with a simple cardboard box. It brings to mind good old memories from my childhood. I used to build spaceships out of big refrigerator boxes, drawing big levers and round dials with cut out windows to see the cosmos.  Those were the days; innocent and care-free fun. Now, I enjoy looking at my daughter play with her little brother in their first cardboard house. Yes, Fun is cheap!