For the Greater Good

I heard a touching story on NPR radio about how Black American people face bone marrow donor shortages. Between finding a donor that is compatible and then having that donor to commit to donate it is a very a difficult process because of the genetic makeup of black Americans as well as mistrust in the health system causing potential donors to resist to take part in the  program. I listened to the entire story to the point of views from different people, their stories and the facts of the problem they are facing today. I decided at that moment that I have a new goal and that is to become an organ donor. I intended that in the event of my death, my body organs will be donated to help people in need to live or live a better life they deserve. However, I am also thinking about helping people now instead of helping someone after I die. Since I don’t plan to die any time soon, I want to contribute more directly with anyone that his or her life can be improved with my help; therefore I decided that I am going to take the ultimate step of being a living organ donor. Let’s get things clear:  I don’t like hospitals or clinics, I despise needles let alone donate blood, I could donate my sperm either for research or to help someone who cannot have children, don’t see much difficulty in that, but I associate anything  of the medical term with anxiety and fear. I realize that this was an opportunity to overcome those fears.  You could have asked me yesterday if I want to do this and I would have told you with a resounding NO, but not today. Today I want to take the first move towards a self-less deed; I want it to be for something higher than myself, for the greater good of giving someone the opportunity of life, a second chance, an improved life, to make a difference in someone else’s life… I am in!

Just wanting to do well or the intention to help others will not help at all in achieving this goal, so some organization and planning is in order.  I’ll do my due diligence researching information on what is like to become a living organ donor. I know for a fact that it just takes a little change on the driver’s license records to add the “organ donor” classification. There are many websites related to donating organs, facts about bone marrow, liver and kidney transplants. As I read a ton of information, data, facts and procedures, fear and doubts were creeping around the corner. Despite of the overwhelming information, both in favor and the downside (if there is such a negative) I am still moving forward with this goal. There is much good about this goal over other considerations such as medical evaluations, the procedures and recovery time and care.

I am fully aware now of the effort this is going to take since I don’t relate to anything with ” medical”  written on the same sentence, but inside I feel that this is a great thing to do, a challenge to overcome fears that though still rooted in me, I know I can defeat…for a greater good.