Thy will be done

A difficult situation presented its ugly face today. It got me completely off guard, unexpected and without a warning. It was devastating because I never saw it coming, not in a lifetime at least not to me.  These are difficult days for anyone trying to make progress or struggling to make ends meet because of the current economic situation across the nation. As a business owner, I have felt the pressure of striving to make a living while staying competitive in the market. Just when I thought I was getting back to normal, I received a huge blow with an interruption of a service that I ultimately rely on to keep my business up and running. I immediately made the calls and eventually found out of a discrepancy on a bill a while back and thus came the interruption of service. Until I solve this problem, the service was going to be down and my business as well as my lifestyle will suffer a great deal. It presented a huge financial burden for me at this point and saw no immediate solution without losing even more money. With no viable solution in the horizon, I looked up and asked God for help.  Have you ever asked God for a “sign” to guide you when you feel hopeless and don’t know what to do?  I was feeling desperate and did as much I could have done it was done, so I prayed with all my faith for guidance… and I got my answer. It came in small packages; God told me  ” be with your children, it is what’s important right now and anything else will find its solution on its own… thy will be done” and as my daughter tugged my shirt to get attention,  I didn’t question it nor resisted and immediately let go of my worries to spent time with my kids, playing with them, reading  books and even got the old guitar out. I forgot about my problem to live in the present, taking care of what is important, my children.  I am grateful for being able to listen to his message delivered through my children for not falling into hopelessness and yes, the solution came a while later bringing more good news that I ever expected. Trust that it will be done and forget because thy will be done.