It’s not enough to aim, you must hit

It is an Italian proverb that I see every day when I get on my truck and go to work.  It is one of few key personal quotes I have selected over the years and placed on the back of the windshield,  at the visor level, just for me to  see.  These are significant to me; words that truly motivates , inspire, and moves me forward. It reminds me that the things I think and dream about being, doing and having and want so much in my life will not matter at all if  don’t get on and start doing them. I can aim for a better future, financial independence, be great at this, do and have that, but if I don’t follow through, organize my goals, set a plan to carry them out and  do them, I will end up with nothing but wishful thinking and frustration. It is all beautiful and so right inside my mind; I can see myself achieving everything that I have thought about, realizing my dreams, making reality of what I deeply want and so righteously deserve. However, sometime ago, it was all just that wishful thinking. I would dream about becoming a better person , doing and having the things I like, but none of that happened and I became frustrated with my life. It was until I decided to do something to realize my goals,  set in motion my plans, organizing and taking action that I started to attract what I was looking for.

Even just doing something  was not enough. I would lose my momentum at some point because of  external circumstances, lost sight of what I was taking aim and  discarded  the idea or replaced the goal by something more urgent, more real and easy.  I needed a constant reminder to follow through, to carry on with the plan.  Looking for help online, I found many resources for goal setting, achieving dreams and much more. I subscribed to daily quote reminders and been receiving daily motivating and empowering messages for years. These help me to stay focused on my targets.  So I am thankful for  appreciating the meaning of this proverb because to me sets the intention, to  continue to improve and move forward doing everything possible to hit what I am aiming for.