I recently went through a personal clearing process to prioritize the things I really want to do, to become and to have in my life and language learning stood strong in my priority list. I decided to fully commit to learn languages to fluency. Language learning is always in my mind, but this time I intend to put it on the front burner and cook. Around the same time of my clearing process, a friend of mine shared an eBook called “The Language Hacking Guide” by Benny Lewis, who calls himself, the Irish polyglot and his guide claims to help people to become fluent in any target language in as little as 3 months. What got my attention to this guide was not the time frame to become fluent but Benny’s approach to the target language chosen. He suggest to fully immerse into the target language rather than the traditional learning methods. I love this idea and quickly started to immerse in my target language chosen: Portuguese. I chose this language because of its likelihood with Spanish, my native language and I have someone to practice the language with, my brother, who is very fluent in Portuguese having spend time in Brazil getting immerse in the language and culture.

So I started to immerse in my target language, making it visible and accessible to me on my daily activities. Since I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, I changed my computer language settings to my target language. Instantly I noticed the difference and also the similarities of the language that I was able to recognize the words and meaning. I liked it so much that I change my language settings on my social networks, my iPhone and even my digital camera. It has only been 10 days since I started making these changes and I am able to understand and relate to the words and its meaning steadily. Great start for a fun journey ahead.


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  1. I recently discovered the Language Hacking Guide. I’m learning Spanish, myself. Though it’s belated, good luck on your journey! Stay with it.

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