Conversations with my daughter: imagination

I picked up my daughter at grandma’s house one beautiful afternoon. Strapped in her car seat, Karymar asked for pen and paper to write or draw as she always do on our short way home. She is very good at drawing, keeping good form with shapes, lines and words. In my car there are lots of Karymar’s master pieces which I cherish very much and are reluctant to throw away. This time she drew a tiny snail on one side of the paper, which she called Leo, the snail, and on the other side of the paper, she drew a rock. She then tells me that the rock is a meteorite from space and that its name is rocky- the meteorite. I was stunned to hear this, let alone hearing the word meteorite from the mouth of a 4 ½ year old, so I asked her where she learned all this. She said that she learned it from Barney, the purple dinosaur. I listened in awe how she described rocky, the meteorite and how it traveled from space to the earth.  I nodded appreciatively while sending blessings to dear purple Barney that despite I don’t particularly like the famous kid’s TV character, evidently taught my daughter something that she remembered and related very well.  I appreciated the value of such programs that educate the children with positive, learning material. We pretended to have a conversation with rocky and I asked rocky where he came from and what “he” is doing on earth. Rocky told me he arrived to earth from space and was going to spend a month on earth going to the beach and theme parks. He traveled alone, but found his friend, Leo the snail and will be spending time playing with him.  I was amazed by my daughter’s imagination and the logic behind her story. We had so much fun talking with Leo and rocky that suddenly I realize we have arrived home.  The little spontaneous conversations we sometimes take for granted, caught up on the mundane, are the most precious and rewarding. I am grateful for these moments when I am reminded of what is really important and my daughter is pretty good at doing just that.