A Different Point of View

It was a Friday morning, on my way to Jacksonville;  I was a bit behind schedule  so I tuned on the radio to get the latest traffic information . I turned the dial to NPR at the top of the hour. Within the first 30 minutes, I got the latest local, national and global news. I love NPR  because it goes directly to the news and not with the other nonsense you may find in syndicated radio. However, I was overwhelmed with the amount of news happening around me lately and not knowing a thing about it until now. A feeling of guilt  for my information ignorance took over me for just an instance ,even though I decided long time ago to rely on others to tell me the news  of what is going on around me. Since I have been home lately, caring for my family and our new baby, I was not aware of what was going on around the world so I was taken aback when I heard the news  happening right now. These were the some of the headliners on the  news at that time:  a tornado in Oklahoma, a corpse exploded in Baghdad, an Airbus jetliner from South Africa exploded in Libya, a Dutch boy out of the 103 passenger survived. New Prime Minister for the UK; the youngest in their history. Job losses across the nation, oil spill hearings started in congress; there is an oil-drilling ban in contemplation. Overwhelmed?  I’m not done yet. There are confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court nominee,  an LPGA golf pro died mysteriously; she was a young woman named Erica Blasberg. There are  White House politics with Karzai’s visit, and the stock plunge 1,000 points; Dow fallout. There was a neutral story about the Muslim-Iman chants and the effects of such calls which I found interesting and then I hear about  a controversial teen prescription drug hearings that started in congress.   On the local level, a debate of why oil-drilling is not good for Florida and a local utility green program started in Orlando. That’s some heavy news overall; I felt tense and my mood changed to worry listening to terrible things happening around me and so much negativity. However  what I remember the most out of the 30 minute barrage  of news report was an interview by Philip Reeves an NPR correspondent, about a passage from India to Pakistan called Grand Trunk road. I found it fascinating the history of the road, listening to recordings of travelers that dare to cross and much more that I found myself transported into the story. This was worth listening after going through the pain of listening to so many bad news and negativity around the world. It is news like this that I prefer to listen and add perspective to my world from a different point of view.