Disney cruise: you’ll never cruise anything else

We like to travel as a family and travel often we do, from short getaways trips to week long vacations and even longer adventures. We also love bargains, don’t we all? and my wife is the go to woman to find bargains on the net. She can find the best deals online for air fares, car rentals and hotels. Our latest? Cruises!
We like the all in one extravaganza, where everything is included for the price we pay and cruising is the most, we think, that offers more bang for your buck. All in one entertainment, food, lodging, transportation and beverages of course. What else could be better? We started our cruising journey when our daughter was 1 year old to celebrate her birthday and our 10th wedding anniversary. My wife found a deal with Carnival cruise lines for a one week splurge. Our stateroom was one corner of the ship with a wrap around balcony and all the bells and whistles in service and accommodation. We had a great time. Carnival Cruise line is a party cruise, around the clock entertainment and exotic destinations, but not so a family cruise for couples with small children. We had some issues with the baby sitting services, conflicting with our activities schedule and could not enjoy the activities because it conflicted with the caring and well being of our daughter. Then we tried Royal Caribbean Cruise line without our daughter, just the two of us. This is another fine cruise line for couples and older children with plenty to do and enjoy. However we were not satisfied, we wanted to enjoy cruising activities and rest assured that our children will be taken care of also. Then we found Disney Cruise line.
Now this is the way to go! All around, world class entertainment for the entire family, specially the kids. It is much more expensive than other cruise lines though, but they make up for it sprinkling pixie dust and lots of Disney magic. We were sold from the moment we arrived at the port and throughout our stay. Excellent service, attentive, courteous and most important, it’s all about taking care of the kids. If the kids are taking care of, we can enjoy ourselves without concerns and believe they know kids! It’s like being on a Disney theme park 24/7 with every entertainment possible, family games, pool activities and much more. We said to ourselves, once you go Disney cruise, you’ll never go back to another cruise line and it is true, at least for us so awesome that we go every year.
We are Castaway members; love Castaway Cay, Disney’s own private island which has a secluded beach just for adults while the kids are having a blast all over the island. How cool is that? ‘round the clock entertainment for the kids, fireworks in the middle of the ocean at the Pirates IN the Caribbean party, watching movies on a jumbo screen with the kids on deck, food and fine dining, world class entertainment and jolly ho’ fun for the entire family.
It is a wonderful, magical experience for the entire family and we just can’t wait to come back again the next year, to have fun, to be kids again with our kids goofing off with the cast and crew. We do have to skip this year’s Disney Cruise vacation since our baby boy is too young to travel. My Sister though is already packed and ready for fun and magical memories when she cast off port to neverland at the end of this week with her family. “Yo-ho-ho me hearty’s, off you go for some swashbuckling fun! Aye! we, got our sights aimed for 2011 and this time we are going for a full week…savvy!