An Assumed Supposition

I was driving on the road this day, running errands and approaching a traffic stop of a busy intersection. There I saw a nice Audi Quattro parked on the shoulder, nobody was inside of the car.  A rare sight for such a “reliable” and fine vehicle.  Standing several feet in front of the car was a middle age man, holding a cardboard sign that read “homeless, no work, please help”. It kind of struck me to see this picture; a rather expensive Audi parked on the shoulder, no flashing lights or signs of a break down and the homeless person holding a sign at the busy traffic intersection. For an instance, it looked to me though, as if the car belonged to this man and he pulled over to this section of the road to stand there holding the sign in search perhaps of  better luck, more visibility or mere coincidence. I don’t know why I thought of it maybe the way things are with the economy nowadays; the man looked like he was indeed homeless and without work, but the car parked close to him sent a different signal to me. There could be the possibility, albeit a rare one, of this man owning this vehicle and he may have lost his job and thus he might have loss his house as well and the only thing for him was perhaps this car that he loves so much and might even been paid for, nothing owed. His method of transportation, bought with hard work and savings now it is his only possession holding an emotional value, even living in it.  I could have sold the car for sure if I was to be in his shoes, I thought, but then I thought of my motorcycle which is my prized material possession and that I would never let go of it because of the sentimental value I hold to it. I understood the man right there in the short minutes that I was there waiting for the traffic light to change, even though selling it could have help the financial and status situation in both hypothetical scenarios from a logical point of view. But then there is the other side of the coin; the one view that I did not considered first for whatever reason I can’t explain. The car could be indeed broken down, a dead battery, out of gas maybe and the owner went out seeking for help.  The homeless man could have been there at that spot out of coincidence, minding his own business, thinking of more important things like what to eat right now or where to sleep tonight and oblivious of what could have happened to car parked so close to where he was standing. What’s even more, he may possibly be caring less of  what a man, who was looking at him so intensively from his car just minutes ago,  thinks of him and this made up assumption.