Mediocre Media: positive or negative? your choice.

I drove my daughter to school this morning. It is becoming more of a routine every morning between waking her up; help her to get dress, breakfast and driving time to school. I am still dragging myself around wanting to stay in bed after yet another night of little sleep. My mind is still foggy and slow going over details and preparations for school. I sometimes go through the motions in automatic mode. On our way to school, my daughter wanted to hear music. I turned on the radio searching for music, looking forward for music that it’s going to wake me up and make her dance in her car seat. I have six pre-sets on the car radio and none of them had music playing at the time. All was radio talk. I seek the channels but all I found was talk, talk, and more talk. Between moments of clarity in all the mental fogginess, I noticed without surprise that all the content was negative: news about crime, corruption, accidents and gossip. If there was a story with a positive message, it was scrutinized and easily dismissed by radio host or even the people who called in. Everybody bringing in their own opinions and prejudices to the mix that there was nothing left of the story to appreciate. What’s being heard on the radio in my opinion is mediocre, vulgar and even humiliating content. People talk about what they don’t want, complaining a lot, talking about people they don’t even know or care about and judged these without ever considering the other side of the coin. Even the listeners who called voicing their opinion get caught in the negative wave by being criticized even humiliated by their own radio talk host. I didn’t find anything interesting to hear, didn’t get the suggestive jokes radio host made and even felt uncomfortable of the silence between radio hosts not knowing what to say next or argue about. What a waste of air space, I thought; all canned media, revolting mediocrity, which leaves the listener in worst state mentally and emotionally. That mental state gets carried over to their workplace, place of business, their homes and it is projected back to other people and their environment. Some may say this type of news it’s what sells nowadays and thus making some people wealthy, but leave masses of people in growth and intellectual poverty.  That is why I chose not to listen to radio anymore. I stopped listening couple years ago when I started a low-information diet. If I choose to listen to radio, I prefer public radio stations that offer variety of quality music; they’re not commercialized by advertisements and main street media. It offers music and information that soothes the mind and stimulates the intellect.  Where the news are delivered from both sides, impartial and straightforward. What is better in my opinion is that there is a tilted balance of limited negative news that is the war, worldwide disasters, the ups and downs of all the markets, crimes and corruption, and more of stories that are positive. Wonderful things happening around the world whether is miracles, celebrations, achievements, milestones, stories of prosperity, about change, personal growth, conquering adversity, and positive actions. That’s what I am looking for, what I need to hear and public radio delivers it to me. Several times I have been caught inside my car, on my driveway, engine running, listening to touching and inspiring stories happening all over the world even in places plagued by war, crime and despair. It leaves a satisfying feeling inside me that there is more out there than what we hear or see. We have the choice to choose what we want to hear and see and no one else can make the choice for us. I choose to be different, I chose against negative, mediocre media. You too have a choice. The choice you make will have a major influence over you, your emotions, your day, your life…so is it going to be negative or positive?