Confessions of a social network addict

I am addicted to social media. I just can’t get enough. I want to be seen, share my thoughts with the whole world, encouraging ideas and of course promoting my businesses. Here I sit in front of the computer, my indispensable companion, communicating my dreams and goals, my accomplishments and frustrations through the gateway of the virtual world. I facebook my life, linkedin my business profile, squidoo my pages, feedburner my site. Who do I want to contact?, who wants to contact me? I go by many aliases: mrgman, gmanblog, gmaninspection, carmarielos, karymarielos or simply search me by my name. What to share? why not all that moves and inspires me. Tweet my thoughts? I wonder, why not…maybe I tumblr a micro blog or stumbleupon some really interesting sites. Bookmarking my favorite links is A good article might interest you there. Let me plurk you my life as it happens, share my goals on 43things, and make new friends on youtube, my window for everything I want to know. WordPress is hot, now I can publish my blog. Write, write, write! Do I yahoo? Of course I do. You ziggs me? Why won’t you, don’t you digg it? I am going technorati to the beat of my ideas, broadcasting with others who are in agreement with me or not, is all good here. Bing, Bing! that’s the ticket to my success, right here, right now, touching lives, making a difference, feeling the gratitude, pinging my updates, posting feelings with emotions and gratitude on my virtual log for the whole world to network. Don’t judge me and spare me the politics though. Just link with me, follow me, add me as your friend, download my content, flickr my pictures. Go on network with me, just do it and google my world.