Children “under construction”

Construction is everywhere. A sign of progress, wherever I look there is something under construction, a building, roads, bridges and even human life. I am referring to our children. I love this quote I got via DailyOM and I believe it is true: “When we approach children with the awareness that they are our teachers, we become more present ourselves”. We are really students and our children our teachers. What are they teaching us? Patience, compassion, and caring for what’s important. They compel us to act with integrity, to lead by example. Yet they are just kids, they are learning from what we do and say and what are we teaching them if we cannot act like how we wish them to lead their lives? We do and act in ways that would have an effect in our children lives, but we must understand that we have to carry out certain attitudes and encourage certain personal aptitudes because the children’s mind and body are now under construction. They are not ready yet to go and take on the world by themselves. So that is why we must show them how to do it. We must show, not just tell them how to do things. They need to know what they are supposed to do, show them how to do it and more importantly why to do it. As they grow old, they will develop the reasoning to make decisions, do things that better suits them and take actions to do it by themselves, but based on the values we instill in them since early age. They are under construction and they want to let us know or put us to the test on how we can do it better, how we can help them to become what we first envision of them, our values, responsibilities, what is right and wrong so then they will be able to decide what’s best for them when they grow up. One way to do this is by asking the right questions.
I experienced a situation with my daughter where she was not doing what we ask her to do and was being disobedient and even disrespectful. Our efforts were not taking us anywhere, she was not giving in and we were having problems getting into her bedtime routine. Next morning she didn’t want to wake up and she was arriving late for school and in a bad mood. This is not what we intend to go through every night and morning, so we had to find a way to make this better. I was listening to the Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale, talking about the power of intention and the law of attraction. I decided to try an experiment with my daughter. Instead of telling my daughter what to do, I asked for what I wanted or expected to see happen the next morning with full intention. This is what I asked her:
“ Karymar, tomorrow, when I wake you up, I like you to open your eyes, look at me and with a big smile say good morning Papi and give me a hug. Then, as I help you go down your bed, I like for you to go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. I will help you to get dress, have breakfast, say see you later to your baby brother, kiss mommy goodbye and off to school early, so you can help your teacher. Will you help me Karymar; can I count on you to see this happen?” Yes Papi, she said.
Next morning, I had to go to a follow-up at the clinic and could not wake my daughter up. I kissed her and told her I love you while she slept and left. My wife texted me later, giving me the news of what I was expecting but still I was surprised to learn. I got exactly what I want it to happen! My daughter woke up on her own saying “good morning” and looking for me. I was so happy. I ask for what I wanted with intention and expected to happen. It did and we did it again that night before going to bed and the same thing the next day and plan to do it every night until…well, until it becomes permanent in her sub-conscious mind. It will need constant input and feedback. I don’t expect to work all the time as my daughter is still under construction but I won’t let go of the value of what I just experienced.