Conversations with God

I had another rough start in the morning after a night of limited sleep, caring for our newborn baby. Our daughter went to bed late last night excited about her little brother and I woke her up late for school. She didn’t want to wake up and when she did, she was not herself. Little bells started to ring in my mind, but I was groggy from the lack of sleep that I didn’t pay any attention of the warning signs. I just wanted her to obey and do what I asked her to do so we could go on and take her to school. She didn’t budge. In fact, she became defiant and anything I ask her to do, she would reply with a resounding NO! I was losing my patience, getting really frustrated and irritated with the whole situation. Her mom had to intervene which carries its own consequences and merits for both of us. I told her I had to leave the house to cool off and get my head straight.

So I drove off, furious, cursing the living days of my life. Nothing would calm me down. My breathing was jagged, my thoughts racing. I fell off the wagon; I became a victim of my own circumstances. I wanted to cry out of frustration. I was tired, not thinking straight. All I could do was to ask God for help. I sobbed recounting the events out loud and after what it seemed a long time, I slowly started to calm down. Then there was nothing but silence and the roar of the car’s engine.

Suddenly, my phone rings. It was my Sister and I told her what had happened. She listened intently and we continued talking. Our conversation turned into many subjects not only related to the current problem, but about everything as a whole. In truth we had a wonderful conversation going over many subjects of family, relationships and life.  She made my day and the previous events that had made me sad and hopeless just seemed so small, almost insignificant. I am so glad we talked and wish I could have shut up and listen more of what she had to say. There was so much to talk about.

I came home, feeling much better. My daughter was grounded in her room and she had fallen asleep. I got on with my day and went to my office to do some writing. I get messages through my social media and reading one application called “God wants you to know” I read: “that there are no accidents. What you think of as accidents are simply your conversations with God that you haven’t yet been able to understand. But take heart, all happens in God’s will and every conversation has deep meaning for you”.  I sat back and smiled thinking that God was already in motion; He was listing to me when I cried for help and He sent my Sister to my aid. Thank you God for listening and thank you dear Sister for being his instrument. Love you all!