The Chronicles on Ian Karlo- family of four

4-19-2010, 1:00 PM –Home

Time doesn’t seem to matter when you’re staying in the hospital. I knew whether it was daytime or night looking outside, but never the time of the day.  Being at the hospital is like being in a different world, not ruled by time. We had no other choice but to wait though not long for anything we needed. The nurses waltz in and out of our room poking, checking stats, bringing food, taking food, checking, reading stats, and poking some more. All like clockwork, but didn’t feel like we were on a timed schedule. We just felt like floating in time while everything ell fell in its place. Sleeping on the couch was like entering the twilight zone. Nothing made sense while “sleeping” on the couch; tiredness and waking up invariably to check on the baby plus the inability to breathe well because of my allergies was too overwhelming for me. In one occasion, I woke up because I thought I heard the baby cry and stood up next to Marie’s bed ready to pick up Ian Karlo and move it to his crib not realizing he was already in his crib. In another occasion, probably the same night, the same event happened backwards. Somehow I moved Ian Karlo from his crib to Marie’s bed and vice versa without realizing what I was doing. Thank God I didn’t get to change his diaper or I would have done something terrible.  However bizarre we spent our time here at this hospital, the service and care has been superb, first class. I commend the nurses who cared for us and all the nurses in this line of service for the commitment of service and care for the patient. I think anyone can do just about any job on the face of this earth but there are a few out there that require a special something extra from the person doing it and nursing is very much one of them. I think of dedication, compassion and higher level of professionalism because it attends to people who are in need of care and in this profession there are no reservations.

At last morning came on I was happy, not only because it was the day to take Ian Karlo home, but I was saying goodbye to the infamous couch for good! I left for home earlier to prepare the house for Ian Karlo’s welcoming. When I left the house I took a deep breath before walking out, knowing that this is the last time this household will look like this or smell like this. When we come back, we are a family of four. Got to the hospital and it was time to say goodbye. We said our thanks, shaking hands profusely with the nurses and starting the procession. There was the grandmothers, the aunt, the cousin; Marie rising on the wheel chair with Karymar perched on her lap. I was leading ahead carrying my son in his royal car seat.

I take the same, familiar way home all the time. The hospital is conveniently located minutes from home. Nevertheless, this time felt special riding home as a family…of four. Looking in the rear view mirror I saw my daughter, her eyes with a sparkle, my wife, the Mother of my children and our baby, the little brother, heir of the family last name for yet another generation, my son rising in center. Finally we arrived home and settle. We celebrated Ian Karlo’s birth and home coming with the family for a few hours, and then we rested for the night aware that it was going to be a start of another episode in our lives’ journey, one of many, but now as a family….of four.