The Chronicles of Ian Karlo- birth day

April 16, 2010 10:11 PM Health Central Hospital, Ocoee

Today was the day, time was up, the bacon was cooked, time for the baby to come out. We arrived at the hospital at 11 AM, immediately got through admissions and before noon Marie was accommodated in her prep room, preparing for the procedure. The staff was incredibly attentive and made us feel comfortable in an instant. It was all about us and they were making sure we were taken care of.  Prep time over, now waiting for Doctor Orrego to arrive and we waited and waited.  Being late appeared to be one of the good Doctor’s signatures, but as they said, the doctor is never late. I imagined him arriving at the last minute from playing golf. I pictured the man walking in his golf attire handing his club and cap to the nurse while removing his gloves and shouting instructions to the nurses. “Ladies and gentlemen we have a baby to deliver” he added, let’s get to work! When I really saw him he was wearing his scrubs ready to go. It was approximately 1:30 PM, Showtime! I was ready, wearing my very own blue suit required to enter into the “exclusive” operating room.  Marie was moved earlier to the OR and when I was called to go in, I was both anxious and super excited.

I entered the room and the doctors were already in motion. There were several nurses and anesthesiologist, doctor and his assistant and a Asian old nurse who I call “Mr. Nagasaki”  I was told to sit down on a stool next to Marie. We could not see what was going on below Marie’s neck. I do not like be in this room and Marie noticed almost immediately. The smell, the noise of the machines and the sterile environment made me feel cold and a bit apprehensive.  I was just breathing normally, focusing on Marie and the moment. The it came the distinctive smell of flesh, burnt flesh. To make the opening, a tool is used to cauterize the incision as it cuts hence the smell of burnt flesh. Oh boy, I felt queasy but held my ground. I didn’t want to miss this for anything smelly or not! I looked at my wife at her. She couldn’t see my face because of the mask so we looked eye to eye. I smiled, she smiled. I told her that I loved her despite of all the things we’ve been trough before. We have been through tough times throughout the pregnancy and said things we shouldn’t, but is all hogwash, this is the moment we have been waiting for so long and we have to stay together as one.

Suddenly, the anesthesiologist said “get your camera ready man” and I, fumbling, had three in my pockets. One for still pics, my iPhone and my slim video camera just in case I can sneak a video clip.  Well are you ready to take the picture “Mr. Nagasaki” said and he grabbed one of my cameras as I use my phone to capture this memorable moment.  Ian Karlo came to this work at 1:54 PM weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces and measuring 19 and half inches. The moment I saw him, big thanks and a blessing were sent to the heavens. I saw his little head coming out of his mom’s belly and didn’t feel anything repulsive but marvel at the sight of nature in the making.  Immediately another group of nurses were in charge of the cleaning process, probing my boy with instruments and suction bulbs.  I took even more pictures of the ordeal and I could take that my boy was not enjoying it at all. Finally the nurse bundle up my son and gave it to me. I held him and was filled with joy, alive and happy. I then showed to Marie and we got close together while the nurses snapped pictures at us, capturing this moment. I was very thankful for that.

The nurses ordered me to leave so they can finish Marie, snipping some tubes and closing the baby factory for good. I moved to another room with the baby and a nurse. She then took the job of bathing my boy and running critical tests to screen birth defects and other illnesses. She was very knowledgeable and compassionate with us. She understood how important it is to me regardless how many times she had done it before. I am very appreciative for what she and all the nurse staff did for us during those special moments.  She gave me my son and I held him tight against me, my daddy instinct came back instantly and I knew how to hold this wonderful yet tiny bundle of joy without freaking out. I spent some quality time alone with him while Marie was brought out of the OR. She then held the baby and immediately went to feed him. He was hungry. We were happy to see that he latched very well.

I left my wife and son in the room and came out to see the rest of the family. I quickly sent my updates to all my social media networks, keeping family members and friends informed.  Everybody was so happy to see our baby boy. Karymar was beside herself when she saw her baby brother. She touched him and gave him a kiss on his head. “Ian Karlo” she said and we could see in her face the amazement of being in the presence of this miracle. The rest of the afternoon developed in more family visiting, nurses running tests, checking on Mommy as the day turned into night.  I was to stay with Marie to help with the baby through his first night. My first change of diaper was at 10:41 PM. First time I change him out of many, maybe hundreds times to come, who knows. The little man eats like a king, every hour and a half so it is going to be a busy, long night. Well one of many, many more to come and so it begins…