The Chronicles of Ian Karlo- day before birth

4-15-2010 11:08 PM, home

Sitting here in front of the computer, going over details of tomorrow’s events before going to bed. This is the night before our lives are changed again with the birth of our second child, baby Ian Karlo. Karymar is sound asleep; the lullaby tunes playing softly in her room, filling the entire house with melody music. Marie, “the oven”, succumbed about half hour ago after a day of preparations and cleaning. She is a trooper, after all she is being through, tomorrow will be over…well with the child bearing phase of course. God permitting, Ian Karlo’s birth is schedule for delivery around 1:00 PM on April 16. That is of course tomorrow. WooHoo! Tomorrow, how farfetched the date seemed to be and now it is finally here. The plan is this: wake up early, take Karymar to school, picked her up at eleven and go to the hospital which is in a short distance from our home. There Marie will go through the preparation process to have her C section done at or around 1:00 pm. She chose to have this procedure done because of her hardship with Karymar through normal birth. I supported her decision so the good Dr. Orrego calculated to have the procedure performed tomorrow and Marie cannot be more excited about it.

I sit here and paused a little thinking about the 9 month of gestation, “in the oven” that the baby is going through and the impact on the host, his mother. As with Karymar, I have seen the transformation Marie went from no belly to a beautiful, huge belly that many have asked her whether we are having twins or else a 10 pound baby. Watching the changes throughout the months was to me like miracles of God in the making, but for her besides that was watching her body stretch to enormous proportions and the changes associated with bearing a child. It certainly has been a huge undertaking for my wife to have gone through all she has in these past 9 month. I give her and all the Mothers appreciation for what they have done and all they had to endure physically as well as emotionally. Oh I am glad that it will over too, believe me.  I no longer have to worry about her occasional complaining about her state, her weight, difficulty walking, reaching stuff, moving around, her mood swings and watch dog duties at night, and sometimes helping her to move around or out of the bed. In various occasions she had proposed me to “carry “ her belly at least for a while and eagerly wanted to fashion me a suit with a heavy big ball on center, so “ I know what it is to carry a baby” . Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining though I am glad that I never wore the hideous suit. I support her and it was my best intention to say that I would have worn the suit if she ever found one. There are many memories captured in pictures, times spent together as a family, dreaming and speculating about the baby, preparing his room, Karymar talking to mommy’s belly, to baby Ian Karlo. She thought that her Mommy’s “popped up” belly button was a microphone “so baby can hear you”, she said. We know how much she cares for him and they haven’t even met yet, but it feels like she already has. I will remember and cherish these moments, knowing that it was and is a chapter leading to another even greater chapter in our lives. Thank you God for this miracle; I can’t wait to receive him, with your blessing, into this wonderful world.