Paying it forward, experiencing and manifesting abundance

“What goes around comes around” we all know how it goes. I do believe it is true; the output we get is based on the input we give, whether is positive or negative and to me this is how the law of attraction works. A while back I was feeling frustrated with how my life was unfolding, not to what I wanted it to be. Over time I and through education and personal experiences I started to understand a concept that it is being talked about and manifested by many people and organizations since history can remember: charity.  The concept is simple: to experience abundance in my life, I share what I have and even give it away to others who will benefit from it and are in great need of it. I was blocked in the beginning thinking that I didn’t have any money to donate because I thought I didn’t have enough money to make ends meet. The latter proved to be false in every way. Just when I thought I was at the end of my rope, something happened and the problem was no more. Believe it or not this happened when I made a promise to practice abundance to share what I have even if I think I didn’t have anything to offer. What happened later over time is part of the law of attraction and it is inevitable whether you believe in it or not. Whatever good comes my way I like it to turn it around giving back to the people in need and the community.  Money needs to be circulated and letting it go is as important as not expecting anything in return, just know that my money going to serve something greater and noble cause and I gave it away because I care about others. I do it as a sign of gratitude for what I have received in my life and make sure I donate to the organizations that have been influential to me and my family.  The golden rule is:  That I must give without ever asking for anything in return before I can receive.

Every quarter on my wife’s account, we donate a lot of clothing to the Salvation Army. We give away things that not only we don’t need any more or have in excess, but what we think others might benefit from it. I always make sure that every Sunday, I share my wealth with my church because I know that what I give is going to help the people in need and our own community so it is money that I invest in my community. A while back I promised myself that I was going to step up this cause and automate my donations on a monthly basis. Looking for legitimate charity organizations was no easy task. I didn’t want to be swindled by so many shady organizations and not knowing where my donations were going to end.  I started to donate to reputable entities who solicited my donations through the mail. It was not long until more of those entities started asking me for donations for every single cause you can imagine. I started to doubt on some of the causes because I didn’t think it exist, but since I made a promise I continue to select the one I felt more connected with. I have a backlog since late last year and I continue to receive more and more. I told myself I won’t throw away the ones I don’t select out of my monthly budget, but they do roll over to the next month. What I get in return is thank you letters from the organizations, directors and even patients. I get elated every time I receive a letter from a child who is a patient and whom my donation is helping him or children like him to battle whatever illness or disease they are up against.  That alone is priceless.

One of the most satisfying charity organizations that I participate in is is an online charity connecting people with schools all over the states to help fund classroom projects to benefit their students.  First time I logged in, I looked for projects that met my budget criteria and were close to be funded. I then completed funding the project. The feeling of knowing that thanks to me and others these students will be able to purchase whatever they had planned to continue their education, even enhance it. What I didn’t know and surprised me was that several weeks later, I received a folder from a place I didn’t recognized. When I opened and saw the contents an immeasurable number of emotions filled me and brought tears to my eyes. In it was a thank you note from the school teacher who weeks ago I helped fund their classroom project. Along with that letter were drawings and art work with my name on it made by the classroom students thanking me for helping them fund their project. There were also pictures, real pictures of the children next to the equipment they were able to purchase and now enjoy with my help. I cannot measure the appreciation and gratitude I felt at that moment. I was so excited for this that went online and funded another project and it continues on today. Every month I log on to and find a classroom project. I fund the project, make a note in my journal and forget about it knowing that for that classroom in that school, their project is completed or close to becoming real for the students. As a way of repayment, the universe revolves around that deed and whenever I least expected and it just so happens when I needed the most, I go to my mail box, my mind elsewhere in other things, then I see the yellow envelope and as I open it, my heart leaps out of happiness. In it are the letters, pictures and art work of the children thanking me for helping them realize their goals.   I experience all this by pay in it forward and practicing abundance and you should too if you want good things to manifest in your life.