A Different Angle

Seven months ago, I started a goal as an idea of translating material into Spanish. I saw the potential of this venture and got into work right away. Over the course of time, I have made contact with publishing companies and even sent a proposal to one prospect. Several series of personal events over the past months have also made me consider the angle of this original goal. I thought, instead of translating a book, why not writing one? About what?… Hmmmmm?! well, how about the several series of personal events over the past months and back that have significantly influenced my life and the changes that made me the person I am today. Why? WHY NOT? I rather look back and say, “I am glad I did it” and not “I wish I had”. How I am going to do this? I have a good idea where to start and the rest will unfold as I progress. Where will this take me? I don’t know, but I am eager to find out. What to expect? this is new grounds, so it will be a unique experience of learning and doing. When do I start? NOW! and more importantly, whom will I take along in this journey?… each and every one of you who share similar values and would like to become a better person themselves.