Nesting, the “sixth sense”

It was Saturday night, like any other, after a normal family day of errands and activities. My wife, Marie, and I were supposed to watch a movie after Karymar had gone to bed. I waited for her in the patio, watching TV. It must have been a while when she suddenly appears and declares: where going to have the baby tomorrow, I’m cleaning the kitchen and I can’t stop! I looked at my wife for a moment while making a series of rapid calculations and facts inside my head: my wife is on her 37th week of pregnancy, she is usually down for the count at this time of the night or else passive, not wired like she was…. Oh-oh! She is “nesting”. I remember that for our first child, Karymar, Marie had the unexpected urge of cleaning or nesting the house before her water broke. That was sign indeed! The bells started ringing “warning, warning!” on alert mode. I knew what she meant by it, she felt it and I knew that our baby can come any time now and that time could be tonight.

Nesting is kind of a sixth sense that some pregnant women have when they think labor and delivery of the baby is getting close. I didn’t know what to say other than a jaw dropping “whaaaat?” and approached her cautiously checking and feeling her for any symptoms. Her bag was packed and ready days ago in case we have to make the run for the hospital at anytime. I told her to relax and come and watch the movie. She said after sweeping the kitchen and I reluctantly agreed. After a few minutes I went inside to check on her and I saw that a major cleaning operation ever performed by one person was in full process. She was viciously sweeping the floor, the mats, scrubbing every little grit on the tiles. She meant business. I sat in my computer to monitor her. After a few, there was silence and I was about to call out false alarm and resume as normal mode. That’s when I detected the undisputable smell of clean. I peered over my monitor and sure enough, she was scrubbing the floor with a ferocious side by side movement that would make Olympian curling players proud of her. I had to take over by default, couldn’t let her continue although I do like to see my house sparking clean. So I finished the floor for her though not to her standards. I was hoping to hear her going to our bedroom and lay down but instead I heard the shuffling noise of moving stuff in the baby’s room. There she was, moving around the little bedroom with her big belly, wobbling, looking like an imperial penguin but with some amazing agility. Her belly was getting in her way and some things were out of reach for her. After what it seemed hours, she slowed down and lies down in bed and eventually fell asleep.

This was a dry run for “D” day and we passed with flying colors. From now on it could be “show time” anytime and we will be ready.