Believe + commitment+ being = change= results

First I have to believe that I can do what I think of, what I want in my life, what makes me really happy. I feel that I deserve it, that I have been given the grace of God to have it, to become it, to do it. I am committed to make it happen, put my very best effort. I believe, I commit, I become. I see it as I wanted to be, as if already done. Believing in it seals my conviction that I can do it, I AM doing it. It is part of me now, it has always been. That is the way I am improving myself.

By put it in writing, I seal a commitment to change my ways to make room for the new and improved ones. Improve what works and eliminate what doesn’t. I have to lead by my own example for myself and for others that want to tag along in my journey. Believing in it brings forth what I deeply and sub-consciously want. It completes the change in my behavior, my thinking and thus my surroundings.

You must be the change you wish to see in this world. Gandhi said it right, it is so powerful to me; there is nothing else more true. Try as I might to change others around me to “see it my way”, but couldn’t. I understand that I can’t, I can see it now. Change must come from within; it must first start with me in order to change the world around me. I understand that it is not possible to change others, but I can change the way I respond to others, expecting the best from others, looking for the positive of things, seeing the solution and opportunities of a problem.  I am being conscious about my past learning experiences, aware of the present, hopeful about the future. I am not changing the world really, but I am changing the way I see the world and thus I make it better place to be for myself and be happy about. That’s what it is all about. People will eventually see this change in me coming from the inside, expressing out, feeling the good vibe pulsating from me because I know that is sincere, positive, and encouraging. In return they will become attracted and unconsciously and with time, they too will change their ways and to me my friends that completes the change I wish to see in this world.