How to change your old image to a new one

Don’t like who you are or what you have become? You feel others don’t like you, you’re not happy with how you’re life has developed and will like to change things around. I hear you and tell you that’s alright because you don’t have to be stuck with you, you can change you. Yes, you can!

Let me elaborate. What are the characteristics we think of about ourselves? Do you see yourself as a successful person with a happy family and attractive lifestyle or do you see yourself living life day by day, letting life happen to you and conforming to whatever life throws at you? Be sincere; think about this for a moment because the things you constantly think about reflects back at you in your life, your work, with your family.

  1. 1. Ask yourself, is my thinking positive or negative?   Do I think about the opportunities of a problem or its consequences? Do I praise myself or call me a loser? There is no need to be ashamed. This is a personal assessment that will help you in great ways. So be honest with yourself.
  2. 2. What do I think about myself? What other think about you does not matter. It is all about you.
  3. Do I think of prosperity and abundance or poverty and scarcity?
  4. How do you feel about money? Be truthful.
  5. What is my ideal image or characteristics that I wish I had?

These questions will help you in filtering your own judgment and prejudices. It is not how society sees me or what society thinks of me, but what and how I think of me.

When we were children, we were asked what we want to be when we grow older. Most likely the answer was a lawyer, a doctor or other prestigious profession. Perhaps a super hero, right? Is this who you are at this moment? More importantly, is this who you really wanted to be? We now know that these were probably what our parents wanted us to become, a person of status, a stable and prosperous provider for the family. We know that it was on noble intentions as every parent wants the best for their children. If you’re happy with whom you are and what you have become, perhaps the next question will be what have you done to share the goodness you have, the abundance you received?

However, for many, we live a life on different terms and sometimes someone else’s’ terms. We are not entirely happy because we have not fulfilled our destiny if there is such thing. We are doing something we don’t want to do, being someone who is not really you to your full potential or however else you want to justify it. Let’s go back to  the time when we were children and think about whom we really wanted to be. How about the super hero? Who was your favorite character? To me, I wanted to be a super action hero, a GI Joe or a hero with super powers. Always ready, courageous and clever, righteous and compassionate with others, defenders of the human race against evil.  Who did you wanted to be? The good guy or the villain, the winner or the looser? Take your pick.

Looking closely at the characteristics of a hero, I see characteristics that define one word and that word is Attitude. It is all about the way of thinking that matters and that is what I want to focus on.  To me Attitude is like the super power I need to conquer evil and to me evil is everything in my life that I am not happy about.  So how do you change your old image to a new one? The answer, change your attitude, be the hero you always wanted to be.  Visualize yourself having the characteristics of a hero, a winner.

Consider this:

  1. What are the attitudes that I admire of other people that I would like to emulate? write it down.
  2. Believe it, see it done, you are a champion, a star and your attitudes match your success.
  3. Re-program your mind: eliminate what you don’t like; what doesn’t make you and the people you love happy.
  4. Start your own movie where you are the star with the same two questions in mind: Does it make me feel happy? Does it make others I care about happy?

You might say, “but I am not good at…” and I’ll say to you to re-ask yourself “what am I good at?” instead. Remember we are what we think of so let’s keep it positive, go on, create the new version of you, the way you always wanted with the attitudes you deeply value and wish for.  I recommend checking out my post about Qualities of a Leader, a Hero’s Creed. It has a good blue print to improve your own version of you.