How to eliminate a habit

First, I must honestly acknowledge that I want to eliminate that habit. I am going to use “smoking” because I used this method to quit smoking almost 10 years ago. You can cite whatever displeases you, but for starters go with a small problem or habit maybe not too over bearing like smoking but perhaps an attitude that bothers you. I didn’t fully understand what I needed to do or feel but was very eager to experiment with it.

  1. Understand that there can be no doubt on me about quitting smoking, I weighed the consequences, what can happen if I don’t quit, how I was not happy about it and neither the people I love. Next, I forgive myself for not being able to do it before but accepted that now it is the time to do it and thank myself for doing it, in taking this important step. This mental clearing process is fundamental to me to conquer any obstacle that prevents me to be happy. You cannot go on if you half want to change something within you. It is all or nothing. You must be true to yourself because after all you will be the only one getting fooled by your own self as the mind completes the picture one thinks about.
  2. Once the first step is achieved, I go to my IMAX 3-D mind screen to start visualizing. For more information about visualization and own experiments with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) , see my post about the visualization process . At the center of that screen is my problem or habit to break. I see myself smoking my brand of cigarettes in my favorite place as normal as any memory I can recall in color, the smell of cigarette and taste. I am just watching myself for a moment making sure I can see that.
  3. Now I see that image fading away in color, like when about to shut down your PC, the screen fades to black and white and it is not as clear and as vivid as it was. I see myself still smoking but in black and white. As I inhale, I notice that my cigarette taste like dirt and l just inhale a mouthful of dirt.  The taste gets into my mouth, my teeth, the smell is foul like sewer odor and as I try to puff I start to gag. I am aware of this awful taste, the offensive smell and I can see it, taste it and smell it very vividly, chocking me while I continue to puff. Imagine also waking up next day after heavy smoking with this aftertaste in your mouth.
  4. Now I can see this image of me smoking getting smaller and smaller, grainy, soundless, fading, while the taste and smell of dirt is still vivid in my mind. The picture of me smoking grows smaller and smaller, un-distinctive and I move it to the left of my screen. I then imagine in the center of my screen a colorful vision of me looking fit , smelling good, sounding happy, laughing. My skin and hair looks radiant, my body feels energized y lungs feel clear, I can hear better, smell better and see better, clear, vivid, real. My taste is fresh and I see myself as a healthy human being.
  5. Make these images big, larger than life. My image covered the entire screen and you know IMAX screens are huge. I can see the whiter of my teeth and the healthy texture of my skin in detail, my skin feels and smells so good like a load of fresh laundry. My voice is clear, like a singer striking a high note, strong and confident.

Changes did not happen overnight and that didn’t discourage me. I cut back on my consumption and smoking intervals. Check your feelings constantly, making sure you are committed and not given in to temptation because of problems, work, etc. Use the thought clearing process to anchor your convictions. With practice and determination I did it and now so can you.