Knowing what are my priorities

I am done with this thing on my 43things list. I understood something that I had to feel it to make sense in me and that is to know what are my priorities in my life. Not the things I want to do or have to do and what I need to do regularly to achieve it, but what is the meaning or the purpose of doing it. To my is my family that’s my purpose, my why. When I wanted to practice playing my guitar or practice languages on my computer my daughter often came around me. She sat around me or close by playing or trying to get my attention. All I wanted to do at that moment was to continue with my practice because I thought that I have to be consistent if I wanted to be good at something. One day, my daughter simply got close to me and said “play with me”. I knew it instantly and I thank God for allowing me to become aware of that moment. Being with my daughter is my why!, spending quality time with her and my family is my priority. The rest will come in due time. Now, whenever I play the guitar , she is there by my side, singing with me silly things. I can still practice but it is more meaningful now. So whatever I have to and want to do, I do it around and/or including the people I love. This way, I am being consistent with the most important priority of all, my family.