How to create and stick with a daily schedule

“I am feeling organized carrying on my day with a sense of meaning and purpose.”

How I did it: I say that it took me 6 month, but in reality it is a

constant work in progress. Keeping a “by the hour” schedule didn’t

work for me. I wrote down a list of tasks and things I have and want to do

daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Eventually got into quarterly, 6 month and

then yearly. It may look complicated but make it simple. Many of the things on

my list were automatic, like picking up my daughter at school at 11:30 every

morning and so on. I use MS Outlook calendar synched with my smart-phone along

with a daily agenda for things like appointments, special events, meet ups and

other short to long term tasks. Use the technology that is available like my

smart-phone. So easy and convenient to use with many alarms and reminder applications

for one time tasks or a specific one

Lessons & tips: Simplify, but write everything you need to do as well as want to do. Move the things that are repetitive and “automatic” to your agenda & calendar. Keep a pocket note book with you, just in case you need to write something. Work on your list by priorities and this only you know how. Meaningless task need not to be on schedule. Major stress-reliever tip: whatever you don’t finish that day it gets rolled over to the top of the list for the next day.

Resources: To categorize tasks and organize priorities I used brainstorming methods on paper and Googled information. Smart-phone is a plus because of all the applications to use. However nothing beats the good ol’ pencil and paper pad. Always handy.

It took me 6 months.

It made me feel productive