Part 3: Visualize- Engage the Senses

My experiences with visualization started when I got involved with NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming and The Silva Mind Control Method. I talk loosely about these subjects as they are complex and take years to fully master it.  As I review these programs I take in the information and put it into practice. I fine-tune it to meet my needs and modify it as I see it fit. This method I am going to talk about worked for me but you may need to adjust it to meet your needs.

In my previous post, I talked about meditation and the sense of awareness. I cover in some detail about visualization so I encourage you to read it.

The visualization process:  I am going back to my huge IMAX 3-D mental movie screen. I have the best sit in the house right center of the screen so I can see and listen to everything so vividly, like no other place. At the center of my screen there is an object. I will visualize a Lemon because that was my first experience. This lemon is at the center of my screen, floating.  I can see it in rich detail as in high definition. Look at the lemon closely; visualize it going around 360 degrees right in front of you, my screen is in 3-D remember but I don’t need special glasses to see my H.D. lemon. I can see the texture of the lemon’s skin, smooth, round, the vivid color of green perfect in every way. I can also touch it and it feels firm, ripe, and ready to eat.  Visualize this, see the details, colors, and feel it as real as it is!

Now I am about to slice the lemon. I have magnificent chef’s knife with a well crafted wood handle and a sharp blade of the highest quality. I am not seeing myself slicing the lemon; the knife is doing it on its own accord, just as I wanted slicing the skin slowly and effortless filling the air with the distinctive lemon aroma. Take a breath, smell it, you know what lemons smell like but you haven’t smell a lemon like this one.  I have now two lemon slices of equal size right in front of me. I can see the pulp of the lemon so vividly, so juicy, so perfect that I can taste it.  I sink my teeth in the lemon and immediately taste the bitterness of this fruit, my eyes water, and my mouth pucker. It feels cold, juicy and sour.

Enjoy this moment, be aware of it, feel it as if real, practice it and you will feel that your mind had created a mental picture of something that was no there and made it real engaging all your senses. When I tried this my mouth puckered and my eyes got watery. I could “see” and feel biting the slice of lemon as if was real because I made it real.

You can come to this state at your command. Remember the mind is ready to put forth whatever we think of and the body will follow. You can use this to attract anything you want, solve any problem you may have, afflictions or to take you wherever you want to be. Possibilities are endless and you can have fun doing it. Most of all, you will feel a change in you. The degree of realizing this depends totally on you, your efforts, beliefs and what you think about. It is different and you may not feel comfortable doing it but do not resist it, let it happen, welcome change to a higher version of you.


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