GMAN’s Personal Approach to a Better Lifestyle

Part 1: Take Control

First and most important you must come to a personal, honest agreement with yourself. You are in control of what happens to you and if you don’t like what is happening to you or how you feel at this very moment, know that you can change it. Yes, you can! The mind is so powerful and will do anything we command to. If I said I am tired, the mind will say, ok you’re tired and the body will follow suit. You will feel tired. We are our worst enemies and sometimes unconsciously seek pity from others to justify how we feel. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, you can change it!

We can do more than what we think; we can prevent and cure illnesses, maintain a healthy lifestyle and be proactive with our lives instead of react to whatever happen to us all the time. It is time to take ownership and say to yourself “I am not a victim anymore” of whatever it is holding you back, say  “I am in full control of me”.

No one else has any influence of what I am capable of doing, being or having but I and I must believe that I can be, do and have anything that I can imagine possible. To be in control of what happens to me, break free of being a victim and take accountability for my actions and way of thinking spiritually, mentally, emotionally and then physically. It is as easy as looking in the mirror and say it, but must believe it and accept that it is possible.

Do you believe in miracles? How do you think miracles happen? by the grace of God?… well yes, people first believe God will heal them but they also did everything in their power to make it better. They took control of their lives and believed they can be healthy, did whatever necessary and then they had what they wanted.

So first you must believe you can do this, that you can change whatever you don’t like, that you are in control of your life.