Systema, Russian Martial Art : Relax, Breathe, Move

1510973_568642949901673_986024075_n The Russian Martial Art of Systema focus on the fundamentals of breathing, relaxation which encourages proper body form and movement. The origins of Systema dates back to ancient Russia. More detail information about it’s origins here



Systema is the only martial art where you can see people laugh and have a great time at the same time. It is not as strict as in other martial arts; there are no belts ranking or dojo protocols. It may sound odd to you, but I have witnessed people take strikes and kicks to the body, and recover with a smile on their faces. Once you have  experience Systema, you will know what I am talking about.

The scenarios for training are real and practical. Whether is for self-defense, survival or just learn to stay relax, Systema is a martial art anyone can experience in a self-defense form, to supplement other martial arts of your background or as a way of  life. The key is on the breath, keeping you relax, maintaining a good posture, allowing movement with precision and purpose. Without proper breathing a person can get tensed, thus can’t focus well on its surroundings or the attack. The body is prone to more injuries during  training because is not structured properly. Relaxation comes with breathing, keeping the body free of tension, posture is loose and nimble yet feeling grounded and strong. The movement comes last, natural and deliberate. In Systema, there are no techniques or katas to remember. The movement is fluid aiming to control and neutralize the opponent.