Need an answer, just Google it!

I am constantly looking for answers whether is for my work, to get ideas or when my daughter ask me a question that I don’t have a clue about how to answer it. We have come long ways from formulating a question, grabbing an encyclopedia or dictionary, go through the index or scan the pages looking for an answer to that specific question. Now we just Google it! It is so easy, fast and so convenient.  With the technology we enjoy today,  I can just open the Google application on my smart phone, type my question or say it like it is without having to breaking it down.  For example, I was watching the movie 2012 the other night and didn’t know what “Neutrinos” were. Instantly, without missing a scene from the movie I knew the answer.

I often need ideas for an article  and no matter what it is or how complicated it can be, I just Google it. Within the first page results I always find what I am looking for. For New Year’s Eve,  I needed a recipe  to prepare “Pernil” and bingo, got it!  During Daytona Beach Bike week, my buddy and I wanted to check out the Blue book price for a Harley Davidson motorcycle and within second we got it, on the spot.

Perhaps one of the times that I needed a quick and straight answer right away was when my daughter, looking at my pregnant wife’s belly asked ” How did the baby got in mommy’s belly?” My wife froze, but I pulled my phone out,  Google it and my daughter was pretty satisfied with the answer.

No matter what it is whether comparing prices, researching or need a quick and straight answer, I just Google it and the results are one click away.

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