What I need to commit to become financially independent

I Think Big

Become an expert in a field: write about it,post it,share it

Create my strategy- “think and grow rich attitude”:
Create specific goals and time frame,
Write it down and state a powerful reason to do it
Write an action plan. Stick to it everyday

Take action: level of success is equal skills time action. I do “Whatever it takes” Go and don’t stop until I get what I want.

Build leadership abilities: my positive attitude must be superior to those who I lead, instill confidence, act with integrity, be persistent and determined, investing in personal growth.

My vision is how I see myself. How do I change my vision to change my results? There are three things I subconsciously think about:

What people thinks about me?
Results I have experience in life
What I say and think about myself

The sub-conscious mind does not know the difference between true and lies. It just goes to make the picture I make of myself. If I don’t like it I can change it.

Responsibility: When I blame others I become a powerless victim. I am completely responsible for my actions, my words and my thinking. I chose to make the most of it and take full accountability for it.

Avoiding negative words: what and how I say it. I Use my words and thinking with a positive attitude

Keep faith in the higher Power, to me God.

Repetition is the mother of skills. Read, listen to positive, enriching motivational material that will get me closer and closer to my goals and become a better person.