Taoism, a review

I reviewed the Urban Warrior way an introduction to Taoism by The Barefoot doctor. I have listen to The Barefoot Doctor in the past and it was time to review his work again. I found that to grasp the context of any material I have to read it or listen to it repeatedly until it becomes part of me. The more I listen to it I learn new material that I didn’t grasp before or was not fully understood. Today was a perfect day to do it.

Taoism doesn’t really exist. It’s not a religion; it’s simply an idea, a collection of methods for restoring peace and prolonging life. Taoism means to follow the path of least resistance while always maintaining respect and consideration of the welfare and freedom of all other beings, including oneself.

Yin and yang are the negative and positive charges of qi (chi, pronounced ‘chee’), the energy. Day and night, empty and full, soft and hard, down and up, in and out, etc. One is inefficient without the other and they are equally dependent.

It happens from within. It is a reflection of me from the inside; a state of awareness and harmony.  Breathing is fundamental not only because we can’t live without but to relax the body from tension which blocks the qi but breathing is also fundamental in the meditation.  Meditation and breathing disengages the mind, helps re-program the mind and allows the practitioner to achieve in an elevated state of being. body structure. A misaligned body creates tension and affects the emotional being. Thus one should practice elongating the spine and widen the shoulder to relax my body and expand from within.

In Taoism, as in other philosophies, there are 5 elements and there is an interaction and relationship with key organs in the body and these elements.

Wood:  Liver

Fire: Heart

Water: Kidneys

Metal: Lungs

Earth: spleen

There are also 3 Chambers in the body, 3 zones of awareness. The upper, the place of consciousness, the source of intelligence, the middle as the place for feelings and caring, and  the power of the lower, the energy that generates the warmth in the middle chamber and the light in the top chamber.

Very interesting work. I can’t wait to learn more.