Brainstorming and resources, finding a niche

This is a goal of all goals! I am researching a niche market to create multiple streams of passive income. There are lots of products out there some new, never tested and some off the beaten path. I had to do and still doing some deep soul searching. I have tried many business ventures in the past. They all have served me with experience. This time I trying something different and perhaps something I should have done since the beginning of my quest. I have to be honest with myself in searching what I am looking for. The bottom line is that I must love what I do, passionate about and cannot be considered or ever called as “work”. It cannot interfere with my lifestyle; time, energy and resources have to be evaluated so it wouldn’t conflict with the quality of time and energy my family deserves. Using Pareto’s principle, the 80/20 rule, 20 percent of my efforts should produce 80 percent of the intended results.

I am in the brainstorming stage and with the help of key friends and family members will be able to come up with great ideas, then I can create a plan of action with specific goals and time frames.

I have all the resources I need available and there are many sources out there to help me achieve this. I won’t be doing it alone, help is just a phone call or e-mail away. Google is a powerful resource, so are people who are so eager to share their experiences and even help along the way. However, I am the initiator, nothing happens until I make it happen…it’s on me, the ball is in my court and with the help of my resources, I will make it happen.