Rise and shine- early start for maximun productivity

“early bird, gets the worm” or so the saying goes. rising early in the morning has allowed me to do a ton of things. I wake up say 5:30 AM, do my “breathditation” (breathing and meditation) before I get out of bed. I kinda briefly plan my day and do a Halo adjustment to keep my attitude in check. Then I roll down to the floor and do my Yoga “awakening” stretches. All this in minutes which setting up a short routine helps a lot. I do a mental roll call while I prepare the coffee, check my daughter etc… I write down in any piece of paper my to do list. Sometimes I do this before I go to bed the night before. If I get to the computer, I sit down and write whatever is in my mind. I use the quiet time in the mornings to generate ideas and goals. Then is on to the daily chores of waking up my daughter, help my wife with breakfast and preparations.
If I don’t have to work that day, it is precious time with me , myself and I. Love the solitude and stillness of a beautiful morning. During the day, I do my list without missing a beat. If I am stuck on something, I leave it alone for a while and then at it again at a later time. This works great, when I think I am wasting time. One things that helps me maximize my time is to avoid the TV. I only watch the news once to summarize the day or the week. Whatever is so important I will get informed by others telling me what is going on. This “information ignorance” mode I learned makes me value my time efficiently and also keep my sanity in check.
If I have to work, I use my travel time to nourish my mind and soul. I listen to self help audio books about any subject. My car is my rolling classroom. I spare no time for meaningless talk shows or worry more about what’s going on in the world. In the afternoon, evening hours I like to do my hobbies. Whether riding my motorcycle, learn Systema,work out, play guitar, practice languages, etc… I set time aside to do these in no particular order.
When my daughter and wife arrive home, it is family quality time. I avoid the computer fort the time being and leave worries behind. It is time to play with my daughter, read stories, prayers, dinner with the family, etc.. Once my daughter goes to bed, then I return to my computer to write in my daily log, catch up with I have left and prepare for the next day. Before I go to bed I set a special time to get my mind at peace, talk to God, leave my worries behind. Tomorrow is another day and whatever didn’t get done, It will be on the top of the list the next day.