Work in Progress, creating a schedule

I have been working on a non-scripted schedule where I write my things to do list and go over my list through the day. Very flexible, not so carved in stone approach. I prioritize urgent or important tasks, but I have gone through it as the day goes by without having to set time or deadline. I simply do whetever needs to be done around my time in the office, around playing with my daughter, traveling from point A to B, etc… If I don’t finish a task, it gets rolled over to the next day as a first thing to do task if is that important. I noticed that I cannot set a specific time to do a task because of the unexpected things happening in life. Yet this flexible schedule works for me and I have from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed to do as much as I can do and if not , well, tomorrow is another day 🙂