How to write daily as a habit

“Writing in my journal makes me accountable for the things I do everyday”

How I did it: I created a template with three questions to answer at the end of the day: What happened today? 3 things I learned today and why are they important? and What good deed I did today?

At the end of the week, go briefly over the week’s journal and soon you will be able to pick up interesting things that can help you in becoming who you want to be or whatever you want to accomplish.

Lessons & tips: Start simple, write simple. Start with the last thing you did during the day and/or take notes during the day and then write on your jouurnal every night before going to bed. Stay on it, do not miss a day. This way, you are creating a habit and will make you feel bad if you missed a day after couple weeks without missing a day.  As I wrote my journal, I noticed an awareness of what I write and was able to pick up trends and patterns on my behavior as well as my surroundings.

Resources: Use your cellphone’s reminder feature. There are a lot of applications out there and online calendar, reminders, alerts , etc.

It took me 4 months.

It made me feel accountable