How to stretch and release tension while traveling

How to relax and keep your body free of tension while traveling while standing, in a car or airplane even in the office. If you are a road warrior or get fatigued too much from work, these can help you stay relax and free of tension and aches. Start with breathing. Just breathing. Concentrate in your breathing. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Try bursting breathing and 8 count breathing technique. After 10 cycles of inhale and deep exhales start tensing your face and releasing it as you breathe. Do this for a minimum of 3 breath cycles. Continue with the neck, shoulders, arms, chest, hands in the same patter. Do shoulder shrugs, cat and chest elevations. Then move to your lower body, squeeze your abdomen as you breathe and arch your back as you exhale. Change patters for the entire cycle. Do the same with your hips, do pelvic raise, squeeze your butt and practice Kegel muscle (squeeze your pelvis as you would do when you stop urinating). Do all this while breathing normally. Deep long breaths with no tension. If feel a body part with tension, breathe through it. Focus your breathing on where you have the tension and breathe through it. Continue breathing a tensing your body all the way to your feet. Then start wiggling your body. Normal breath controlled wiggle. Now start smothering, rubbing and squeezing you body starting with the head. Massage the scalp, face and entire body parts. Do like you do when you wake up in the morning without breath restriction. Once done with it starts taping your scalp, face, eye sockets, and neck shoulders. From the shoulders down use a loose fit tap or punch through your entire body muscles. Do not stop the flow of breath. You can even use a mantra or sound to go through the breathing and movements. Finally you can do eye rotations, up and down movements, around the clocks, ect.. Finish all with a deep breath feeling grateful and ready to take on whatever comes your way.