There are many books out there for grabs, too many to list. Personally, I prefer audio-books since I spend much of my time driving from point A to point B. I can’t really explain the difference between reading a book and listen to an audio-book or whether one method is better than the other. It’s about whatever you prefer at the end.

I have an app that links to my local library where I borrow the audio-book for a period of time and instantly download it into my smart phone. It’s called Overdrive. Check it out!


For me, I like to listen and enjoy the narrator or performer telling me the story. There are some things that are enhanced  by listening than reading. The tone and pace of the story where I can really feel the emotions, the drama of what’s going on on the story and each one of its character’s personality.  The ability of the narrator to tell the story sparks my imagination, taking me away from the present and inside of the story.

 My favorite narrator-performer is non other than Sir Jim Dale, narrator of the Harry Potter series. He performs over 138 voices throughout the series. His talent is unique and impressive. You will have to listen to him to know what I am talking about. It is an instant, magical transportation to the Wizardly World. My top pick anytime I like to unplug from the “real” world.  He also does other performances for many authors. For a complete list, click here

But I like all kinds of genre. Fiction, non-fiction, biographies and self-help books are my favorite. From the fiction and non-fiction books, I like to listen to Robin Cook’s medical thrillers, John Grisham legal thrillers, the techno-thrillers of Michael Crichton.  Tom Clancy’s military and espionage series. Any military and special ops novel particularly biographies and stories based on real events. 

Self-help books are on the top of my list. Whenever I am on the road, I call it the rolling classroom, I make sure I have a selection of audio-books  to help me improve my life for the better. They are inspiring, motivating and call me to take action. You can’t go wrong with it. Audio-books can help you grow into a better person. I have a particular way to listen to self-help audio-books. A method that helps me to absorb the information in an effective and practical way, at least to me it is. More of this here.  

There are too many audio-books to list however. I have selected a few that have had a profound impact on my life. They have changed my life over the years to become the person I am today.

I couldn’t list them all but I encourage you to check them out. Go to your local library and get your library card. It is the first step to get access to a realm of information wealth and entertainment. You will not regret it and it is easier than reading a book. Not that reading a book is difficult but you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Go ahead, what are you waiting for?


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Sunrise and Sunsets: Lessons I’ve Learned in Life. Life lessons learned viewed through sunrise and sunsets I’ve taken over the years. Celebrating my 40′s

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There are many reasons why this list is very important to me. Some of these items have been work in progress for a long time, some are in my to do list and some…well, been there, done that.

As my next milestone approaches, version 40, I will continue to strive to improve myself towards becoming a better man, a better husband, Father, friend, son, brother and valuable contributor to my community.


The 10 Must Do’s of Middle Age for Men | All Pro Dad.

These are some really good tips I can put into practice.  As the years go by, and they do go pretty fast, I want to build a solid relationship with my daughter that grows deeper and deeper in trust, love, affection, guidance and whatever else I can be for her.

7 Tips for Navigating the Father-Daughter Relationship Through the Years | All Pro Dad.

The time to be happy is now and the way to find meaning in life is to get on and live it as fully and as well as we can.

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How You Can Learn to Finally, Really Relax

Relaxation strategies for the long-term:

  • Classic relaxation techniques include meditation, deep breathing, visualization (e.g., picturing yourself at the beach or another relaxing environment), getting a massage, andprogressive muscle relaxation.P
  • Psychology Today offers this five-step process to change your physiology to quickly make you feel more relaxed. It starts with orienting yourself and feeling more connected to your surroundings, then goes through slowing your breath and coaching yourself into a more relaxed state. P
  • Practice mindfulness, which simply means paying attention to the present moment. Often, it’s hard to relax because your mind is busy somewhere else. Consider enrolling in a mindfulness-based stress reduction program, an eight-week course that teaches people with chronic illnesses or medical conditions how to calm their minds and bodies. P
  • Try something different and active. Maybe a break from the everyday routine to take a painting class or water skiing would be relaxing to you.P
  • Raise your laugh quota. Spend more time with people and things that make you laugh (or convince yourself that everything is funny) and you’ll find greater relaxation and a better mood.P
  • Remind yourself to relax. I’ve always had a hard time falling asleep and relaxing, but lately this one deceptively simple technique has been doing wonders: think of restful language. Often we don’t even realize how tense we are, but thinking or reading words like “relax” and “let go” can turn that all around.P

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How to Breathe Properly – A (Surprisingly Important) Complete Guide

5 Easy Ways to Proper Breathing


1. Concious breathing – Become aware of how you breathe during different parts of the day. A practical tip for this is to let your phone alarm go off every hour or so and check your breathing each time it does. Are you breathing relaxed, rhythmically, silently and deeply through your nose? Is there room for improvement in this particular situation?

2. Breathe through your nose - A closed mouth, with the tongue placed up the palate ensures that the breathing happens in and out the nose. If your nose is stuffy, do a sinus rinse.

3. Extended exhale - An extended exhale increases the relaxation and makes the inhale deeper and more rhythmical. For optimal breathing the inhale should be 2-3 seconds, exhale 3-4 seconds followed by a pause for 2-3 seconds. The extended exhale also has a positive effect on the inhale which gets deeper.

4. Straight posture - An upright posture gives a deeper breathing where the diaphragm gets more space to work. Your thoughts and feelings are affected in a positive way and at the same time it gets easier to breathe through the nose.

5. Body consciousness - Be aware of your body and how tense or relaxed it is in different situations. A relaxed body makes it easier to keep a rhythmical and relaxed breathing.

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